Ready Meals
We stock a wonderful selection of ready meals from Eurochef Italia. Ready in just 3 minutes, these products are the perfect way to get a quick taste of traditional Italian cuisine. Along with the retail selection displayed below, we also stock a range of 2kg catering ready meals
Sales CodeProduct NamePz/Case€/Unit
 EC001  Meat Cannelloni 2KG 2 €/Ea
 EC002 Ricotta& Spinaci Cannelloni 2Kg 2 €/Ea
 EC003 Ham and Cheese Crespelle 1.5Kg 2 €/Ea
 EC004 Lasagne Verdure (Vegetarian) 2.5Kg 2 €/Ea
 EC005 Lasagne all'Emiliana (Meat) 2.5Kg 2 €/Ea
 EC006 Paella alla Valenciana 1.5Kg 2 €/Ea
 EC007 Melanzane alla Parmigiana 2.5kg 2 €/Ea
 EC008 Lasagne Radicchio/Scamorza 2.5Kg 2 €/Ea
 EC101 Meat Cannelloni 400gr 6 €/Ea
 EC102 Ricotta Spinaci Cannelloni 400gr 6 €/Ea
 EC103 Ham and Cheese Crespelle 300gr 6 €/Ea
 EC104 Lasagne Bolognese 400gr 6 €/Ea
 EC105 Melanzane alla Parmigiana 400gr 6 €/Ea
 EC106 Paella alla Valenciana 300gr 6 €/Ea
 EC110 Tortellini Bolognese - Eurochef 6 €/Ea
 EC112 Tortellini Cream&Prosciutto - Eurochef 6 €/Ea
 EC114 Fettuccine alla Carbonara 6 €/Ea
 EC116 Fettuccine alla Boscaiola 6 €/Ea
 EC201 Grilled Aubergines Eurochef 1000gr 2 €/Ea
 EC203 Spelt Salad (Farro) 1.5Kg 2 €/Ea
 EC204 Rice Salad 1.5Kg 2 €/Ea
 EC205 Steamed Spinach 2Kg 2 €/Ea
 EC206 Swiss Chard 2Kg 2 €/Ea
 EC207 Baked Potatoes 2Kg 2 €/Ea
 EC209 Peppers Stuffed 1500gr 2 €/Ea
 EC210 Tomatoes au gratin Eurochef 1000gr 2 €/Ea
 EC211 Potates Croquettes 1500gr 2 €/Ea
 EC212 Olive Ascolane - 1500gr 2 €/Ea
 EC247 Roast Turkey 1500gr 2 €/Ea
 EC248 Roast Quails 1500gr 2 €/Ea
 EC249 Chicken Salad 1500gr 2 €/Ea
 EC250 Seafood Salad Eurochef 2000gr 2 €/Ea
 EC251 Breaded Crab Surimi Eurochef 1500gr 2 €/Ea
 EC254 "Q" Seafood Salad Eurochef 2000gr 2 €/Ea
 EC256 Octopus Eurochef 2000gr 2 €/Ea
 EC301 Meatballs in tomatoes sauce 280gr 6 €/Ea
 EC302 Beef Stew with potatoes 280gr 6 €/Ea
 EC401 Chicken Salad 250gr 6 €/Ea
 EC402 Russian Salad 300gr 6 €/Ea