Italian Meats

In-keeping with our goal to provide a broad range of products and quality levels to our clients, we stock an incredibly comprehensive selection of Italian meats. Our range includes Prosciutto, Salame, Mortadella, Cooked ham, Bresaola, Fresh Sausages, Diced and Whole Pancetta (plain and smoked) and many more.


We offer a wide selection of Prosciutto. Ranging from Parma and San Daniele ham, right up to the top quality 18-month Galloni Gold Parma ham. Widely renowned as one of the best prosciutto the world has to offer.


Traditional pure-pork Italian salami is made with only top quality meat from select pigs. From the finely ground Milano to the coarsely ground Casereccio, either plain or spicy, we provide a comprehensive selection, catering to every taste and purpose.

Italicatessen Prepack Meats selection

All of our Prepack meats are sliced and vacuum packed on site in Newtownmountkennedy, Co. Wicklow. This maximises the freshness of our meats and thus ensures a long shelf-life. However, even despite the long shelf-life, our prepacks are typically sold in shops on the same week as production.

Our Prepack selection includes: Proscuitto Galloni, Mortadella, Cooked Ham, Italian prosciutto, Milano Salami, Napoli Salami, Spicy Salami, Sliced Bacon (Pancetta), Speck, Coppa, Roasted Ham and Bresaola.