European Cheese
For your convenience, we also supply a range of Cheeses from across Europe. Our selection includes cheeses from France, Germany, Holland, Switzerland and Greece.

Some of our most popular European cheeses include Feta, Brie, Emmental.

For our full range of cheese please download our extensive cheese guide catalogue here.


french brie


french camenbert


french buche de chevre

Buche de Chevre

french roquefort


Germany, Holland & Swizerland

Greek Feta

 CP810 Buche De Chevre - Perla 1 France
 CP815 Feta Greca 2kg 1 Greece
 CP816 Feta Crystal 2kg 1  Greece
 C301 Emm. Svizz. DOP 1 Suisse
 C305 Emm. Bavaria 1 Germany
 C310 Leerdammer Olandese 1 Holland
 C311 Maasdam Occhio di Bue 1 Holland
 C315 Gruyere Svizz. 1/8 1 Suisse
 C316 Gouda Ted. 1 Germany
 C320 Edamer Vecchia Fattoria 1 Holland
 C325 Chambrie ted. Champignon 65% 1 Germany
 C326 Cambosana Champignon 65% 1 France
 C330 Incorporato Salmon 1 Germany
 C331 Incorporato Green Pepper 1 Germany
 C332 Incorporato Walnut 1 Germany
 C335 Edelpiz Granbavarese rett. 1 Germany
 C336 Bergader Basil/chilli 1 Germany
 C337 Dor Blu Edelpilz rett. 1 Germany
 C351 Brie French 3kg 1 France
 C352 1.5kg Brie French 1 France