At Italicatessen we strive to offer our customers great value on high quality confectionary products. Across Italy, regional variations of desserts can be found. From biscotti and amaretti, to the elaborate creations such as tiramisù, pandoro, and panettone. The Italians are in no shortage for confectionary creativity, and Italian desserts, sweets, biscuits and chocolate are in a class of their own.

Amongst the vast collection of suppliers and products available on the market, we have carefully selected a variety of the best confectionery products Italy has to offer. As always, we only deal with trusted producers that sell top-quality, market-leading Italian products.


We offer a wonderful selection of high quality Italian desserts in both luxury glass and plastic containers. As always, our products are imported from a trusted Italian supplier. In this case, Premium SpA.

 PR001 Tiramisú Glass PREMIUM  100g 8
 PR002 Triple choc. Glass PREMIUM 100g 8
 PR003 Strawberry Tiramisú Glass PREMIUM 85g  8
 PR020 Limoncello Cream Glass PREMIUM 60g 12
 PR050 Tiramisú 2x85gr Dessert Italiano 85g 4
 PR051 Profiteroles 2x85gr Dessert Italiano 85g 4
 PR052 Tartufo 2x85gr Dessert Italiano 85g 4
 PR053 Cappuccino 2x85gr Dessert Italiano 85g 4

Biscuits, Chocolates & other confectionaries

We offer a great selection of biscuits, chocolates and other confectionary items that are brought to us by Virginia, Venchi and Paluani. Over the Christmas period we take orders for Panettone and Pandoro as well as other seasonal items. For Valentine’s day and Easter we also bring in a great range of wonderful items, perfect for gifts.

Virginia is a famous Italian brand that dates back to 1860. The Virginia name is synonymous with overwhelming quality all over Italy. From the famous Amaretti to Cantucci and Biscotti, we cover all of the best products Virginia has to offer.
Our chocolate products are also brought to us by Venchi. An Italian producer with a great reputation that dates back to 1878. Exclusive recipes and the use of extraordinary materials, combined with their values to never use chemical processes or preservatives has helped grow Venchi a truly remarkable producer.
Paluani is a famous producer of baked products including the famous Pandoro and Panettone cakes, Merendine, and filled croissants.

Confectionary Brands we Supply