We select top quality pieces of meat and cheese from the best producers in Italy. All of our sliced products are the same as the whole pieces we sell. This means that we do not buy lower quality products, typically used for industrial pre-slicing.


Our process is 100% artisan (or non-industrial). Slicing is done exactly the same way as it is done behind a deli counter. No preservatives or additives are added to the products during the process. Industrial or automatic processes require that meats and cheeses are frozen in order to be sliced rapidly with automatic machines. Freezing completely spoils the product’s quality and alters their distinctive characteristics.


Producing in Ireland enables us to always provide our customers with fresh products. Despite the relatively long shelf-life, our products are typically sold in shops the same week they are produced. Imported pre-packs are already one week old when arriving in Ireland and are usually stocked for longer before reaching customer’s fridges.


We are in a position to give our customers excellent value.
High quality at a very competitive price.
Typical pre-packs chain includes:
Meat/Cheese Producer -> Packaging company -> Distributor -> Importer
and in many cases even more. In our case it is just us, and the meat/cheese producer.

Sliced Cheeses

Sales CodeProduct NamePz/Case€/Unit
 SC001 Sliced Provolone Strong 1 €/Kg
 SC002 Sliced Provolone Mild 1 €/Kg
 SC003 Sliced Scamorza 1 €/Kg
 SC006 Sliced Emmental 1 €/Kg

Sliced Meats

Sales CodeProduct NamePz/Case€/Unit
 SM001  Sliced Prosciutto Ferrari 1 €/Kg
 SM002 Sliced Speck cadore 1 €/Kg
 SM003 Sliced SPALLA - Cooked Ham 1 €/Kg
 SM004 Sliced Milano Salami 1 €/Kg
 SM005 Sliced Napoli Salami 1 €/Kg
 SM006 Sliced O'Sole Mio Spicy Salame 1 €/Kg
 SM007 Sliced Spicy Schiacciata 1 €/Kg
 SM008 Sliced Mortadella w pistachio 1 €/Kg
 SM009 Sliced Pancetta 1 €/Kg
 SM010 Sopressa Veneta Salame with garlic 1 €/Kg
 SM011 Sliced Bresaola 1 €/Kg
 SM012 Sliced Spicy Salame for Pizza (Pepperoni) 1 €/Kg
 SM013 Sliced Casereccio Salame 1 €/Kg
 SM014 Sliced Verona Salame Garlic 1 €/Kg
 SM015 Sliced Finocchiona Salame 1 €/Kg
 SM019 Sliced Prosciutto Parma "Uno" 1 €/Kg
 SM020 Sliced Galloni Red Pros. Parma DOP 1 €/Kg
 SM022 Cooked Ham sliced 1 €/Kg
 SM023 Sliced Riviera Cooked Ham 1 €/Kg
 SM024 Sliced Duchessa Cooked Ham 1 €/Kg
 SM030 Turkey sliced 1 €/Kg
 SM032 Sliced Chicken mushroom peppers 1 €/Kg
 SM040 Sliced Porchetta 1 €/Kg
 SM042 Sliced "FELINO" Salami 1 €/Kg
 SM044 Sliced Spicy Salame 1 €/Kg
 SM016 Sliced SPICY NAPOLI Salame 1 €/Kg